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What is the frequency of new classes/videos and when can I access them?

Access to the Movement on Demand online video library begins as soon as registration and payment is completed. I will add at least 1-2 videos on the mat and 1-2 videos on different apparatus each month!

Is there a section for beginners?

Not really and here’s why: We are all beginners somewhere in our body! We are all meeting here with different physiological and biological histories, fitness and activity levels, and backgrounds! A fitness instructor may be considered a beginner because they have been dealing with hip pain in the same class that a typical newcomer may struggle with the exercises but have very good, healthy and high functioning hips. We’re exploring the joints as needed for the exercises as it relates to Pilates and let’s all agree to not label ourselves anything other than movement explorers!

What is the difference between your Movement on Demand and your Kinstretch® with Kim online courses or your Mobility and Pilates courses?

This is much more a library of workouts combined with moments of mobility explorations. Again, not just moving joints within the exercises themselves but learning about joint everything and made applicable to Pilates exercises. I made it a point to keep my Kinstretch® with Kim courses separate because they’re absolutely NOT a movement library. It's a supplemental course that will expand and create MORE ranges, ranges beyond what you currently have, in order to have better body control and awareness when you want to move. My Mobility and Pilates online courses with unlimited access are much the same. Very focused on very specific movements.

What is the cancellation policy?

Monthly memberships automatically renew next day after your current subscription ends. Monthly memberships may be cancelled at anytime and you will continue to have access to your account for the remainder of the month paid. Tri-monthly memberships are automatically withdrawn each month for three (3) months and do not automatically renew after the three (3) month term. Reduction of three (3) month period may be reduced to a single month (1) plan only within the first (1) month.

Is equipment needed?

Equipment isn't needed except for tutorials on the Pilates Apparatus. My favorite matwork props are yoga blocks (9x6x4), loop bands and therabands, tennis or pinky balls, and stability balls but there are lots of great substitutes like hand towels that can be rolled, socks that can slide, and chairs instead of stability balls.

What people say

"Kimberly embodies the joy of sharing knowledge and generosity of spirit required of someone who is a true teacher. She is attentive, patient, specific without being rigid, and has a fun and playful way that makes the time fly by." - Sacha

"I have so much respect and gratitude for you, lady! Your intuition and insight you've shared with me on our check-ins has been so on-point and helpful. Your suggestions always seem to be exactly what I need."

- Tessa

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"Kimberly opened up a whole new world for me of how I can combine Pilates and Functional Range Conditioning to actually increase range of motion in my joints and strength around them." - Khayla


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