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Mobility and Pilates workouts and tutorials on the mat and apparatus for all FREE site members. Get a taste before diving in!


Work hard and have fun with these mat flows ranging from stretch flows to creative transitions.


Segments integrating mobility exercises and tutorials on the Reformer to improve and strengthen the joints.


Mobility drills and exercises to address specific joint ranges, strength and control to best approach and improve Classical Pilates Mat exercises.


Library with access to a complete breakdown of the Daily CARs, plus additional setups and tools for optimizing joint rotations for current clients and Kinstretch participants.


Utilizing mobility drills, rehab exercises and strength training to enhance Pilates work.


Workouts of all lengths using boxes, bands, balls, gliders and all sorts of home workout props.


Mobility drills and exercises to address specific joint ranges, strength and control on the Cadillac.

Tips and cues about breathing, Pilates in daily living and helpful techniques to integrate in any exercise program, including Pilates and mobility classes.


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A FREE account is all you need to get started and get you limited access to the recorded LIVE Zoom classes and other Instagram challenges, as well as the complete set of full body CARs.

Additional online subscriptions listed below will get you access to even more videos and workouts available only to current in-studio and online clients with an active series of sessions.

Book a remote training sessions to get a personalized movement program to fit your goals anytime, anywhere!

$12 USD/1 month

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to Pilates flows and tutorial

  • Level I CARs tutorial

  • Mobility Flows

$30 USD/3 Months

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to Pilates flows and tutorials

  • Level I CARs

  • Level II CARs

  • Additional Mobility Flows

Prices Vary

  • 75 min One-on-One Remote Training via Skype

  • Personalized Mobility and movement Program based on goals

  • Exercise Review sheet

  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to my ENTIRE video library including all videos needed to keep up program

"...It is rare to find someone as knowledgeable as Kim who also cares so much about each individual client. I truly believe that my career has been enhanced by my association with her and I recommend her to anyone wishing to gain strength, balance and control for athletics."

S.A, equestrian jumper

Find a new workout flow.

Integrate some functional training and rehab based mobility moves with the classics you love.

Check out new programs I'm working on for back pain, fascia training and more.

Check out Pilates articles I've written, other related articles, links I love and other resources.  Suggestions are always welcomed.

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Check back later to join me on exploring and expanding our Pilates sandbox.

They say a picture says a thousand words.

Explore the apparatus gallery and get acquainted with your new bestfriends.

Or browse through my adventures with dance, handstands and being an active mom.

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