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The confidence and tools to care for your body is one healthy joint away

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Personalized programming that is adaptive, updates with progressions and with measurable results

Online Video Access to do your exercises everyday, any where

Custom plans that work with your schedule even when travelling or during injuries/surgeries/therapy

In-Studio with Pilates apparatus AND Off-site or Remote training sessions available

Get Comprehensive

In order to move forward, we need to know where you are now.

Whether I come to you, you come to me or we meet online, in your first session we'll discuss what's going on in your body and what your movement goals are at the moment.  While covering the basics of breathing, core stability, and discovering the full articular ranges that should be available in your joints, we'll investigate what ranges, control, weaknesses and instability may be holding you back from all your movement potential.

Get Access

Access all videos here online as many times as needed and start doing the daily routines.  Use specifically assigned work before, during or after the days' activities, from work to workouts.

Take your exercises everywhere you go to begin the process of improving joint function while also preparing the body for all activities.  The better the joint function the better control, awareness and feedback the body has to safely and effectively execute at maximum potential (such as improved shoulders for lifting or throwing, rotation for golfing, leg depth for jumps, etc)

Get Progressions

Keep moving forward with progressions and additional sessions.

Once joint function and capacities are working and obtained, its time to continue connective tissue changes and neurological adaptations with additional, more specific exercises, variability and load dependent on progress made and goals.

Think strength training and conditioning specifically for the joints.

Get Integrated

Integrate new ranges, new joint control, new movement variability, new awareness and progress into current sports, activities and all workouts.

Make even greater strides towards personal goals with additional personalized sessions to work on movement specific joint enhancement training.

Get Online

Online Training and personalized sessions are available if in-person sessions are not feasible.  Both in-studio and online sessions are available for all fitness levels.

Fill out the questionnaire below to or click that button below to get started now!

Still not sure if this is the right fit for you and your needs?

Let's chat! Fill out the form below or send me an email

and let's discuss if this is what you need and what your options are!

Online Kinstretch® classes and workshops coming soon!

In the area and want to take class with me?

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Let's Get Moving!
What are you most interested in learning/improving?
How many one-one-one Online (or studio) sessions most preferred?
Any current pain or injuries?

This adaptive system compliments ANYTHING you do, from rehab to elite performance levels. I'll help you build a unique progression of exercises that you can and should do daily, in conjunction with your current fitness program(s) and to help keep you moving forward your entire life.

Whether you're a first time Pilates student or a dedicated contrologist, I apply the same science and adaptive system of progressions to keep your unique Pilates program continuously moving forward.

We'll work through an endless array of variations utilizing the principles of Pilates, the science of mobility training and the spring resistances of the apparatus to keep movement exploration always challenging.

"...It is rare to find someone as knowledgeable as Kim who also cares so much about each individual client. I truly believe that my career has been enhanced by my association with her and I recommend her to anyone wishing to gain strength, balance and control for athletics."

S.A, equestrian jumper

Find a new workout flow.

Integrate some functional training and rehab based mobility moves with the classics you love.

Check out new programs I'm working on for back pain, fascia training and more.

Check out Pilates articles I've written, other related articles, links I love and other resources.  Suggestions are always welcomed.

teachers corner

A work in progress.

Check back later to join me on exploring and expanding our Pilates sandbox.

They say a picture says a thousand words.

Explore the apparatus gallery and get acquainted with your new bestfriends.

Or browse through my adventures with dance, handstands and being an active mom.