The Biggest Misconception About Pilates

There are several misconceptions about Pilates but the biggest one I hear quite often is that Pilates equates stretching. If someone is tight and/or needs to stretch more, Pilates always seems to be #1 in the list of exercise programs to provide this, but often I find that my clients do more ab work in their Pilates sessions than most if not all their other fitness programs. Its a shame that Pilates isn't recognized more for its main purpose of strengthening your postural alignment, working on your core muscles throughout the ENTIRE workout, and returning your whole body into better function and symmetry.

It truly isn't just about stretching. Maybe it feels that way because instead of bulking muscle or feeling your heart race, your body feels less achy, taller and straighter which IS true. Weight trainers, yoga instructors, doctors, chiropractors, and anyone trying to improve one's fitness and body should understand how Pilates enhances EVERYTHING else. So when you're pressing heavier weight, pumping your legs faster on the bike, jumping higher, or feeling more comfortable at the computer, Pilates helped get you there. It isn't an hour of stretching but an hour to restructure your body so you can train harder, work longer, stand taller, and be ready to enjoy life.

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