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Oh Happy Balls

Happy New Year!


Here's a resolution that may not only ease some aches and pains in your body but one you could easily keep...especially if you got your New Year's present from the studio!

Here's how to use your bouncy ball to roll out your feet and use on accupressure points on the bottom of your feet to alleviate back pain:


1. With steady and even pressure, roll the bottom of one foot starting at the metatarsal/ball moving down to the heel. Use the lines below to help guide you.


2. Place the ball under the metatarsal of one foot. Stand with BOTH feet parallel (all ten toes facing forward and the heel directly behind the toes), legs straight under the hips, and weight evenly distributed between both legs. Try to relax down evenly onto both feet, being sure both heels are planted on floor.


3. Place ball at the back of the arch of the same foot, just before the heel bone. Again, same stance as above in #2. Try to relax weight evenly into both feet. Be sure to keep legs as straight as possible.

The density and size of the bouncy ball is NOT safe for lying down on for most muscles and the organs, however it can be used between the shoulder blades and spine while leaning against the wall. Massage up and down by bending your knees. Or stay on a tight spot, bend arm to elbow shoulder height, and slowly stretch arm up straightening the elbow.

UT self massage.jpg

And remember, using the Roller and The Stick are also great tools for releasing stress, tight, sore muscles or release overuse muscles...

Happy Rolling!!!

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