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Learn tools to care for your body daily as well as train the whole body integrating joint specific work with the strengthening exercises of  Pilates. Sessions include use of your body weight and the spring resistance apparatus with to improve posture, balance, stability, core strength, ranges of motion and overall fitness.  These hour long private, partner or group sessions are individualized to address specific needs.


Start with the three (3) Introductory Privates 

Got questions, achy joints, movement plateaus or goals you need help reaching? We'll address joint specific needs using the Functional Range Conditioning System® and Pilates exercises to help continually improve the body you move in.  This system of training uses scientific methods to acquire and maintain joint health, stability and resiliency so you can move better, feel better and improve your move ability.

Start with the three (3) Online Introductory privates!

Next best thing to working 1:1 or in the studio with me! We use all the tools and concepts of the Functional Range Conditioning System® integrated with my training, cues and experience to improve joint health, strengthen ranges and improve overall body control and move ability. Classes address very specific joints and ranges, and offer a unique experience for most levels with varying levels of positions and progressions to maximize the benefits.

Also comes with guidance and 1:1 Remote check-in's with me!

Monthly/Annual Membership

"...Kimberly is very encouraging and detailed. And I realized that it is a lot more challenging when you are doing it right. But it wasn't until my second pregnancy that I felt the huge difference!"


A.L., Mom of two (2)

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