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The whole body workout using your body weight and apparatus with springs to improve posture, balance, stability, core strength, muscle tone and overall fitness.  These hour long private, partner or group sessions are individualized to address specific needs.  The three (3) Introductory Privates are highly recommended before joining group sessions.

Using the Functional Range Conditioning System to access, create, sustain and strengthen your joints mobility.  This system of training uses scientific methods to acquire and maintain articular health, stability and longevity through progressive adaptations.  Should be used daily and can be in conjunction with current fitness and Pilates training.

Next best thing to working in the studio with me!  Looking for help on specific exercises, need to problem shoot, want suggestions for challenging clients, or just looking to add more variety to a tailored program to personally improve? This is for you! Each session also includes an exercise review sheet, cues and suggestions from each session.

The best workout before and after pregnancy, tested by many clients and the owner (twice) alike.  Pilates is a gentle and challenging workout for healthy pre and post natal women.  Private Pilates sessions suggested but can also be done with a partner.

"...Kimberly is very encouraging and detailed. And I realized that it is a lot more challenging when you are doing it right. But it wasn't until my second pregnancy that I felt the huge difference!"


A.L., Mom of two (2)


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