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Training with Kim Testimonials

A new sense of freedom

As a curious mover,  it was no surprise that I wanted to know more about Kinstretch. Although, I wasn’t confident that I could benefit from an online class. Well, I was wrong! 

Kimberly was great at patiently guiding me through the movements, answering my many questions and providing modifications needed for my body. 

As a former professional ballerina, Pilates and barre instructor I always work with opposition and length, but  after one class with Kimberly, I understood I could take my work even deeper - without unnecessary pain. I left my first session with such a feeling of freedom in my hips that I hadn’t felt in quite some time! 
I hope many take advantage of this work to experience a new sense of freedom and strength that can be gained through this intricate and powerful method. 

—  Aesha, Former ballerina and Pilates/Barre Instructor

1:1 Testimonial

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