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Sincere dedication to helping clients

Kim is absolutely awesome!  I have been working with Kim for the past two years. I first came to Kim for Pilates training, and while many times we did what would be considered traditional Pilates exercises, she never taught the same boring routine.  In fact, her workouts are fun because she shakes things up so that no two sessions are exactly alike. She mixes in exercises, stretches and mobility work that she has learned along the way, in addition to Pilates. 


About a year ago, chronic neuromuscular issues re-surfaced for me and that’s when I truly came to appreciate Kim for her sincere dedication to helping her clients. I missed a month of workouts due to my flaring symptoms and was thinking of giving up.  Kim had a come-to-Jesus chat with me and said that even if I couldn’t do Pilates, keeping my body healthy and strong were still very important. I remember feeling horrified that she would be so direct and blunt, but in hindsight, I am very thankful that she cared enough to confront me and challenge me.  I know our conversation couldn’t have been pleasant for her either; she could have taken the easy way out and fired me as a client (as I suspect most other trainers would have done).


Since then, Kim has tailored my sessions to my abilities and tries hard to help me get stronger.  Many of these exercises are now mostly from the Functional Range ConditioningⓇ system to help train my nervous system and care for my joints. On her own time, Kim researched my condition, referred me to a Physical Therapist and finds exercises that would benefit me.  She continues to develop custom, detailed workout plans for me to follow at home, depending on how I feel that particular day. Kim records new stretches/exercises as we do them during a session so I can replay them at home. She challenges me and constantly thinks about new things for me to try.


For all of her efforts, I cannot express how fortunate I am to have Kim in my life—she truly cares about her clients and their well-being.

—  Anonymous, Transportation Manager with chronic nerve pain

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