By improving your joint mobility and body control one joint, one day at time.


Freedom of movement

 Through joint care and body control for humans and movement.

After training and teaching Pilates for over 20 years, adding a system of functional mobility training was not only the most natural next step, but a necessity with aging and today's lifestyles.

Functional Range Conditioning® (FRC) is a system that uses scientific methods and research to acquire, improve and maintain joint mobility, stability and control. Designed by musculoskeletal expert, Dr. Andreo Spina, its systematic progressions convince the brain to release its protective stronghold on tissues at the cellular level allowing increased tissue length (flexibility), while simultaneously teaching the nervous system how to control newly acquired ranges.

The exercises and methods utilized are safe, effective ways to not only gain flexibility but develop the strength and control needed to move the joints through all these different ranges. This leads to optimal movement problem solving strategies that will enhance performance in every activity, movement practice or sport.

By improving joint mobility you will also:

  • Learn about assessing, caring for and improving your joint health Usable flexibility with ranges of motion able to produce force and absorb loads

  • Improve articular stability, health, and longevity

  • Increase articular resiliency to mitigate (or prevent the severity of) injuries

  • Train the central nervous system for more accurate feedback to the brain leading to less compensations in the body

  • Improve overall performance with strength and tissue resilience improving functional movement patterns in everyday activity, sports and all fitness training

Instructs all of the above in a group setting. Kinstretch® is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and USABLE ranges of motion. While still gaining the benefits of the FRC® system, all levels of fitness can train together while working towards individual and varying degrees of movement goals.

In addition, all certified Kinstretch® trainers must also be FRC® mobility specialists so there are currently only a handful of us in the LA area. Taking my class, I hope to give every participant the tools needed to supplement any exercise program, sport and activity. Click here to see what participants are saying!

Kinstretch® with Kim is currently only online until further notice.

Please use any of the links below to enroll for the online courses and to get on the list for future in-studio classes!

"Kim - felt amazing! Sore in all kinds of fun places. I really love working with you and can't wait to see where the journey leads." Maura D.
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