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for healthy joints with ranges to do anything


with a movement specialist to guide you


to strengthen, challenge and explore

Training Services

Experience how getting joint specific will help you move forward in ALL your movement and life endeavors! As a Functional Range Conditioning®, Kinstretch® and FRC Internal Strength Specialist, I have a unique approach to help clients decrease pain, increase body awareness and control, and progressively strengthen - from my in-studio and online clients, to online mobility memberships, to onsite training for professionals and athletes!


Joint specific Mobility to restore health and movement with Pilates to strengthen and challenge for the winning combo.

Get the guidance you need from a certified specialist who will give you the tools you need to continually assess, identify and specifically train for healthy joints that feel better, move better and can continually get stronger.



Improve and increase joint health and ranges, body control and awareness for better MOVE ABILITY.

Get access to 100's of Joint Mobility Training (Kinstretch® with Kim) classes, joint specific Pilates strength training, daily quick tips/drills and guidance from your Mobility Specialist and Internal Strength coach.




ON-SITE group classes, Mobility Workshop Master Classes and even 1:1 quick movement assessments and problem solving with a highly experienced Specialist and Pilates trainer. Get the tools you need to help yourself and others move better and feel better in everything they do!

(Currently working with professionals at LAFC and Universal Studios)


My goal is to give all my clients and students the tools and confidence they need to feel better, move better and perform all their activities better, no matter their age or fitness level. I help guide people using an extensive knowledge of movement that stems from a lifetime dedicated to movement. With over 25 years of practicing and teaching Pilates after dancing professionally, I use science based techniques as a Mobility and Strength Specialist to help humans continually train the internal environment to achieve health and goals. Movement knowledge and the autonomy and self awareness gained from increasing body control is empowering and I'm passionate about being your best guide. 

Kimberly Spencer

Owner, Focus Pilates

23+ years Certified Pilates Instructor
Mobility Specialist (FRC®)

Level I Kinstretch® Instructor

FR® Internal Strength Method Coach

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"Kim - felt amazing! Sore in all kinds of fun places. I really love working with you and can't wait to see where the journey leads."
~ Maura D., Kinstretch® with Kim participant

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