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Jul 4, 2018

Pilates Daily


Edited: Jul 4, 2018


Did you know you could be practicing Pilates everyday before you walked out the door?  Becoming more functionally sound so that you can be moving with more freedom and ease, means applying your Pilates knowledge during the hours and days you're NOT at Pilates.  Applying the principles and postural alignments you've be learning while at work, at home, at play and even while brushing your teeth or siting in the car. 

The idea that executing Pilates exercises daily to live more spiritually, physically and mentally sound actually stems from its principles at the core of the exercises Joseph Pilates designed over 100 years ago.  Looking at it from this perspective then, Pilates isn’t just a form of fitness but is truly a way of living.  Pilates can be found in your everyday living by taking a few moments to breathe and integrate the principles of the movements into your lifestyle, wherever life takes you.


New Posts
  • Did you know I created videos over the past years with quick tips to use your Pilates know hows to improve all other aspects of your living? Most of these tips are only 1-5 minute, very digestable, segments. I've recently joined up with another Pilates instructor in England to contribute writing posts and will be regularly writing and filming corresponding videos and posting them as part of the Pilates Daily segment. Stay connected and stay updated with these quick tips! See previous Quick Tip Pilates Minute video segments here