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Your KWK Mobility Guide

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The Kinstretch with Kim (KWK) Mobility guide is your online roadmap to help you navigate the use of joint specific classes and the additional tips, drills and mobility snacks to your land of movement freedom. Everyday counts but it doesn't have to be difficult or complicated! All you need is the right classes, guidance, consistency and specific drills and guidance to get the tools you'll be using over a lifetime of staying mobile. Use your member access online or via the app and enjoy: 60-70 minute Kinstretch® with Kim classes to improve flexibility, restore joint health and mobility, increase ranges with body control, train for better strength and resiliency, and gain new freedom of movement. *This guide changes every couple months 30 - 45 minute KWK Mobility classes sprinkled with the Internal Strength Method that can be used for additional movement snacks when time is limited or to continue building stronger, more adaptable joints. Additional mobility drills and tips for sprinkling more Mobility work throughout your day and week, as well as CARs Crash segment to learn how to optimize your Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs). Access to a private discussion page for past and present Kinstretch® movers to ask questions, share progress and get supportive feedback. Significant all around gains and awareness with sustainable increased ranges that will help you move better, feel better and do everything better.

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