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Dance Gallery

Dance in Unlikely Places

Photography by Lance Chang

The 1st time I worked with Lance we went to a car graveyard.  He stood on a ladder while I danced around in a leotard, tights and old pointe shoes.  The next time we went to a mining mill in Gaviota, California.  It was cold, the sand was SO soft, and my legs felt like jelly after the shoot.

My two favorite jobs though was going to the 101 Drive-in movie theater in Ventura and the best was the Navy Base of Ventura County in Point Mugu.  At the Navy Base, I had so much fun watching all sorts of planes land and take off that I barely noticed how difficult it was jumping off concrete and standing on soft pointe shoes.  

Performance Shots


Risen from the archives...

Still digging them up but here are few.

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