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"Every moment of our lives can be the beginning of great things."
Joseph Pilates

Sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words but also the unknown may seem less intimidating.  See how the innovative equipment and exercises will improve your overall being.

See Pilates exercises done by Kimberly Spencer 8 months pregnant with her second (2) child in 2005, making delivery and recovery easier.

Browse through my past!

Check out these professionally photographed dance pictures from performances to dance in unlikely places.


'N Teasers

Elevate your spirit

Have fun and play outside.

Just some Pilates nonsense.

"...It is rare to find someone as knowledgeable as Kim who also cares so much about each individual client. I truly believe that my career has been enhanced by my association with her and I recommend her to anyone wishing to gain strength, balance and control for athletics."

S.A, equestrian jumper

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