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Building resilient joints one day at a time using

Improve your Joint Mobility

Create more flexibility backed by strength and control.

After training and teaching Pilates for over 20 years, adding a system of functional mobility training was not only the most natural next step, but a necessity with aging and today's lifestyles.

Functional Range Conditioning® is a system that uses scientific methods and research to acquire, improve and maintain joint mobility, stability and control. Designed by musculoskeletal expert, Dr. Andreo Spina, its systematic progressions convince the brain to release its protective stronghold on tissues at the cellular level allowing increased ranges, while simultaneously teaching the nervous system how to control newly acquired ranges.

Utilizing specific and safe exercises and methods the gaps between the passive ranges (flexibility) that we have to become better, active, and usable ranges (mobility) that can be employed for optimal movement problem solving strategies and performance.

Better joint mobility equals =

  • Usable flexibility with ranges of motion able to produce force and absorb loads

  • Articular stability, health, and longevity

  • Articular resiliency to mitigate (or prevent the severity of) injuries

  • Accurate feedback from the central nervous system to the brain leading to less compensations in the body

  • Improved functional movement patterns in everyday activity, sports and all fitness training

The best way to really learn HOW is by DOING.

Every person needs joint training no matter their age or fitness level, from the elite athlete to the retired grandparent.  As a certified FR mobility specialist, along with my 20 years as a certified Pilates teacher, I can help you unlock your movement potential.

Get your mobility journey started with me today!