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Push out a baby? No problem!

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I have the pushing phase of childbirthing down. No, seriously I do! Of course, we're talking about a healthy, fairly average and un-complicated vaginal birth here. But when it comes down to pushing your baby out, I truly believe I know and can train women exactly how and what they need to do to make those pushes significant and productive! After all, I've done it twice myself. It took two (2) prepartory pushes and four (4) "real" ones to get my firstborn out. It took a total of seven (7) to get out my 2nd. Enough about me though, here's why I'm a firm believer in my pregnancy training and why every soon-to-be-mom should seriously be doing Pilates while pregnant.

Let's face it. No one has ever told you exactly HOW to get your baby out once they've grown to what seems an enormously large size that seems nearly impossible to get past your pelvic bones...even if women have been doing it since the beginning of time! Despite what SO many women I've talked with think, its certainly not like going to the bathroom and yes, nature somewhat does kick in. But just like you train for a marathon or getting into the ring with another boxer, you should feel confident and strong enough to make every push count. Yes, you can still weight train but what I love with Pilates apparatus is that you can safely challenge isolated muscles, say just the legs or just the arms, supported so there's less pressure on the hips, back and pelvis. Trust me, its still hard work.

So, what's the magic recipe? There is none, persay. We just concentrate on the essentials for a pregnant woman. We work on developing and maintaining a strong core...yes, abdominal exercises can still be done and not only that, are CRUCIAL! We strengthen the pelvic floor and lower abdominals with EVERY exercise. We keep your legs strong, squatting and flexing those hips because you're going to be bending those legs up higher than you knew they could go around your big belly. We get your shoulder and back stability working together to get your body ready for carrying, lifting, nursing, etc. We prepare for the inevitable weaknesses and sometimes trauma after the deed is done. And I focus on several very specific exercises that simulate the action and muscles that you will depend on to help make those pushes WORK! These exercises are instructor and client tested and approved.

Don't get caught stranded...check with your doctor before starting any new exercise and try to start before you get pregnant. If starting after, wait until after your 1st Trimester. Find an instructor who is convinced as strongly as I am that they will get you ready and can give you exercises to do fairly soon after giving birth. You will be thrilled you did.

Stay strong and enjoy the journey!

This is Alignment for your body and life...Kim


I've recently started adding new postnatal exercises! Week 1 takes you through gentle pre Pilates exercises to get your body functioning optimally again and set up to eventually add exercises back in.

Postnatal Pilates--Week 1

Week 2 can be integrated into your weekly routine after 2-3 weeks of performing Week 1's exercises or as your body feels able to safely progress.

Postnatal Pilates--Week 2

Feel free to alternate between Week 3 and Week 2 segments after 3-4 weeks of accomplishing all levels of exercises in Week 2. By the end of completing Week 3 for 2-3 weeks, you should safely feel strong enough to slowly start returning to your previous fitness programs.


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