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I'm a former professional dancer, Pilates teacher and mother of a formerly Junior Olympic Women's level 10 and Men's level 8/9 gymnasts (9 years). Over the last 10 years or so, I've scoured the internet for answers for everything under the sun in dealing with my child athlete. Key word being CHILD, an often underappreciated word in the ambitious world of sports. I read stories written by former athletes and coaches, watch videos on taping every body part for every injury, and read through wild FAQ's.

Even though my daughter has since switched to diving and my son is now a budding visual artist, I'm still learning and growing all the time on ways to handle all the average child issues magnified by their competitive spirits and sports. And most recently, the recognition of emotional, physical and sexual abuse among so many young athletes have driven me to use my voice as I can.

My voice doesn't know the answers. After all, I'll always be a rookie mom. I'm just telling my stories and sharing those who allow us to see into theirs. May they bring you some comfort and hope. May they bring you laughter. May they help you find the answers within you.

Let's talk about the hard times or not knowing what to do. We'll celebrate the competitive spirits that drive our families and be the support for those unexpected bends in the road you never thought to prepare for. I want to promote positivity in our ever-changing journeys, laughing and crying along the way. Whichever way we all go, it doesn't have to be alone.

So strap on your seatbelts and away we go.

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