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The Power of Breathing

How can a repetitively mundane and involuntary act of breathing possess the power of healing?

For over a decade (yup, I've been teaching for over 17 years) I've taught the importance of lateral breathing to improve posture, function and performance. 17 years later, I'm taking my daughter to a meditation class to share the power of breath in order to manage life. In our first class the instructor tells us to write on a paper why we were there, an intention, for this practice of breathing...meditating. I wrote down PEACE. After learning audio and visual techniques to strengthen by breath awareness I breathe now with intention to heal my mind, finding peace.

When we experience pain, relief, grief, despair, exultation and peace we take breaths as if we've stopped breathing. Many of us do stop breathing. Our breaths becomes shallow, reserved or maybe frantic. Strange, considering how when we finally take in that lung expanding inhale and exhale, a mind body tension gets released. Yet during the times we need it most we often fail to utilize its power to help us.

So it seems worth it to me to give this simple movement, this act of conscious awareness to breathe a moment of your everyday. Invest in those moments you'll need the strength of your breathing or all those moments when you don't think you do but have those minutes in the car, waiting in line, or enjoying a moment of peace to dedicate to the healing power of your breath.

Got five minutes? Experience lateral breathing with me!

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