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Leaky leaks.

If you've been dealing with some unusual winter weather like LA's wettest rainy season in 18 years*, you may

have noticed a few leaks in your roof. I know I have. Sigh.

But as we weather our way through another rainstorm, I am reminded of the importance of regular maintenance and the consequences of neglecting minor issues. And no, I'm not talking about your roof. I'm referring to your....


Just like a leaky roof can cause water damage, mold growth and structural damage, so too can neglecting one joint in the complex system that makes our body structure, no matter how small.

You may not notice when a leak first starts, like a joint having tightness, achiness, or maybe a little pinch now and then. It's annoyance may seem like a minor issue that can be easily ignored. But over time, without addressing these issues within the joint, the problem becomes louder, the repair job becomes bigger, and that joint becomes grumpier and less willing to move.

As more stress is applied to the joint from life and activities, the problem worsens, creating additional stress shared by surrounding areas. The joint itself becomes weaker and becomes a bigger leak as it restricts your ability to move in that area. That little leak is no longer able to do it's job. With little to no ability for that joint to do what it's supposed to or needs to do, the once small nuisance becomes a bigger problem. Eventually the leaky joint becomes so painful, swollen and/or inhibiting that the repairs to restore normality become much more complex and take much longer to heal/repair, or worse, a replacement altogether is needed.

Regular maintenance with joint specific range training keeps individual joints healthy and helps assure joints are able to move through all the ranges it can and should have. Similar to debris cleaning and restoring strength to deteriorating areas in a roof, this kind of training also monitors possible signs of damage, preventing further or future leaks/weak points. Working with a professional expert in this specialty will also help identify potential issues before they become major structural problems and develop exercises to increase strength for all kinds of stressors.

So stop ignoring those minor inconveniences you're feeling! They may be signals of a potentially serious problem or are, at the very least make, weak points stopping you from your goals or simply feeling good.

Stay ahead of future leaks with regular joint specific maintenance. Simple, everyday movements for each joint like CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations), breath techniques and other independent joint exercises can help keep tabs of any possible joint issues and ensure the longevity of moving and feeling good.

Use those links above to get your joints moving and when you're ready for more of an overhaul try BOOKING A SESSION or join my ONLINE MOBILITY AND PILATES MEMBERSHIP.

*According to the Los Angeles Almanac


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