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Check out these articles written by me and other professionals about the benefits of Pilates and more.  Then check out my blog for my own tips and suggestions.

Pilates Daily Living

What if everyday before you walked out the door, you could practice Pilates?  How much more functionally sound could students become if they were practicing Pilates at work, at home, at play and especially when they’re not exercising with you?

The Power of Breathing

November 14, 2018

Read my article published by Balance Body's Blog on how a repetitively mundane and involuntary act of breathing possess the power of healing.

He thought Pilates was a girly, prancing-around-in-a-tank-top ballerina yoga class.  Read how he goes from learning that Joe Pilates was a boxer to a burning core with sweat running down his back in one session. Truthful and entertaining.

How Chris Humpries Uses Pilates to Improve His Game by Dean Stattmann

The only other thing more important to a professional athlete than improving their game is injury prevention. Read how this NBA star not only takes his game to the next level with improved balance, strength, flexibility, and focus but adds a layer of extra protection from the grind through Pilates training.

Male Athletes Get No Pain, Big Gains from Pilates By Jill Lieber, USA TODAY 08/17/2003

An oldie but goody article I was thankful was written about how many male athletes have used and continue to use Pilates in their exercise regime to improve their athleticism, recover and reduce injuries, and enhance their game.  Click on the title or below to read the full article.

The Incidence of Injuries in Elite Junior Figure Skaters American Journal of Sports Medicine July 2003 vol. 31 no. 4 511-517

The conclusion of this study on over 400 junior elite skater over four (4) consecutive years states that programs based on postural alignment, flexibility and strength should be used to prevent and reduce overuse injuiries.

Injury Prevention by Dr. Brian Litchfield, DC of Litchfield Joint and Muscle Therapy

"Before we can talk about injuries, we need to familiarize ourselves with how thebody works normally...

If you have a chronic tightness or re-occurring injury it means that you are out of balance somewhere in the system. Look to restore balance."

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Links I Love...
Links I love

doTERRA Essential Oils

Discover and share the life-changing benefits of these pure, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils.

My EO Bead Shop

Hand strung bracelets made with all natural stones and/or semi precious stones and lava beads. Apply your Essential Oil to the lava beads for a light scent or for wellness support. Each intentionally designed bracelet comes with a FREE 1 mL sample of Essential Oil.  Custom requests available by email.

UniKey supplements and more

​Supplements and health plan by health guru Ann Louse Gittleman, famously known for her book "The Fat Flush."

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Sterling Art Gallery

An artist young son's art

The Connor Murphy Project

Teen Mental Health awareness and support by teens

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