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My Essential Oils

I had no idea that when I decided to introduce therapeutic grade, essential oils to my family's life and to my clients, that I would be using, recommending, and making samples nearly everyday as I have been since I got my 1st order. There are few products that surprisingly impress me beyond their expectations, but dōTERRA's essential oils continually do so. Not only am I compelled to recommend an oil or blend to everyone I know, but I also send them away with a sample because I know the only way to understand their efficacy is to experience it for themselves.

Now as a consultant for doTerra, I don't see myself building another business but building another way to bring wellness and health into the lives of anyone willing and open to try another option to feel better. The oils go along with the team of professionals I often refer to clients. Not only do I diffuse blends to boost immunity, calm nerves, open air passages or wake tired bodies but I'll put a few drops of "Breathe" on congested clients, or send them away with samples to try on their kids. To parents of athletes and dancers I'll constantly recommend and give blends for sprains, strains and muscle aches. I'm researching options for hormone and metabolic imbalances, cysts, skin conditions, headaches and more. And I look forward to learning and researching more.

Quality makes all the difference in the world. As in my studio where I can't put clients through the same run-of-the-mill workout each visit or insist on pushing through 50 reps tossing alignment and posture to the wind, same in these oils. Same in life, really. On things that we can, we choose the best quality we can afford.

dōTERRA's certified therapeutic grade oils are not only aromatically superior to those store-bought but I was suprised how effective they are when applied topically. The oils are free from contaminents, pesticides or chemical residue, and from fillers or artificial ingredients. Between the science of harvesting, sourcing and composition comes these truly remarkable products.

Just as I believe in the ability of Pilates to change lives not just in body but in mind and spirit, I believe these oils can make a huge difference in your daily living. You'll be impressed. I was.

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